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Metier Technologies, One of the best ERP Inventory Management Software Companies in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; are the ERP Solution providers of Inventory Management. We are providing Inventory Management ERP for Small and medium enterprises and business in Coimbatore, Chennai, Kerala and Mumbai in India and through associates in the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

Unlike Accounting, managing Inventory can be very complicated since companies deal with different products, some measured in Pieces, some in Litres, some in Kilograms, some in a combination of different Units of Measurement, even different Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s). These could be processed to convert into other items, could have processes that add to their value, loss due to various factors, volume could add due to increase in temperature etc. All these make managing inventory an extremely complex task. However, Enterprise inventory management software that manage inventory could be operated by stock keepers or gate keepers who may be illiterate or semi-literate so that the Inventory management software needs to be extremely user friendly. iXpert Erp Inventory Module with both Windows and Browser-based versions offers the ideal choice of Inventory ERP.

Some features that make iXpert Inventory Management ERP, the only possible choice are:

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  • ERP sales and inventory management system
  • Multiple UOM
  • Multiple Prices
  • Multiple locations
  • Inter-location transfers
  • Bundling and de-bundling
  • Generate, print and scan barcodes
  • Manufacturing support with multiple stages and routing
  • Retail POS, back-office support with Internet sync
  • Promotion schemes, loyalty
  • Distribution with Beats, Van loading, Schemes
  • Warehousing and locations within locations
  • Physical stock taking, shortages, excesses
  • Valuation
  • Browser based version supporting multiple languages, devices
  • Scheduler on the browser-based version
  • Windows version with mobile app or device independent Browser version
All these and many more make iXpert the only possible choice for your ERP Inventory Control .
  • Customizable Standard Software
  • Define Employee Roles/Designations
  • Define Pay Heads
  • Define Allowances/Deductions
  • Define Leave categories and rules
  • Define Leave/Probation/Allowance rules for employees or groups of employees
  • Branches and transfers
  • Multi Companies
  • Statutory Reporting – PF/ESI etc
  • Bank Deposit letters
  • User defined payslips
  • ESS module
  • ESS mobile app
  • Attendance/Leave/Expense on mobile
  • Approval levels definition
  • Bio-metric device integration
Human Resource:
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Appraisal
  • Promotions
  • Increments
  • Transfers
  • Training
  • Separation or End of Service
  • Gratuity etc


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