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ERP Software for Electrical Project Management:

Metier Technologies, One of the best ERP Software Companies in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India; are the ERP Solution provider for Electrical Project Management Companies. We are providing our services in Coimbatore, Chennai, Kerala and Mumbai in India and through associates in the UAE, Middle East and Africa.

Companies involved in Electrical Project Management business have a process distinct from that of manufacturing companies. Companies doing Electrical Projects may undertake contracts where the estimate is based on number of points involved unlike manufacturing where one BOM is multiplied to manufacture multiple quantities of the finished product. Different types of Points are identified and each has a different BOM. The process starts with Enquiry management, Bill of Quantity (BOQ) definition, Estimation based on the BOQ, Costing, Quotation, Order Confirmation then execution. Project Costing involving materials, services and overhead expenses. They may involve manufacturing each Point according to the BOM that are executed at multiple locations and frequently extend across Accounting Years. Tracking material requirements through indents, computing Labour Costs etc is a complicated task. iXpert easily computes the original estimate vs actual cost of material, services and overheads including labour components. iXpert, supports Projects across Geographical locations through Online and Online/Offline versions, and offers a completely integrated, user-friendly and budget-friendly best electrical project management software solution.

iXpert offers all the advantages of readymade packages and those of customizable ERP software for electrical contractors also. .

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